Privacy Policy

  1. The Insurance Agency values the Customer’s privacy and has a policy to hold in confidence information and/or documentation relating to the Customer and/or the Account. However the Insurance Agency may in certain circumstances disclose such information and/or documentation to any person in connection with any actual or likely event of default by the Customer. This right to disclose includes disclosing information under these General Terms and Conditions (including the assignment or transfer of all the Insurance Agency’s rights and obligations under these General Terms and Conditions);
  2. the Customer authorises the Insurance Agency to respond, if it shall so choose, to any and all inquiries (including without limitation any Insurance Agency’s references) received from any Underwriter, financial institution or person providing credit or financial services, concerning the Account without any reference to the Customer;
  3. the Insurance Agency may also disclose information and/or documentation relating to the client in the following circumstances:
    1. to any credit reference, scoring or rating agencies;
    2. to any persons providing information or services to the Insurance Agency, (including without limitation a holding or group companies, subsidiaries or related parties) on the understanding that the information shall be confidential and may not be further disseminated; and
    3. where the Insurance Agency is under a legal or contractual obligation to do so (including but not limited to the Insurance Agency’s legal and/or contractual obligations to prevent money laundering and related offences) and/or where it is in the interest of the public.
  4. (d) The customer hereby agrees to the terms of Privacy Policy as published in the Insurance Agency’s website www.dolexoventures/ and will amended from time to time with notice to the Customer
  5. (e) The customer hereby consents and explicitly authorizes the Insurance Agency, at its sole discretion, to process, use, and/or transfer the customer’s data, personal data and/or sensitive data to any Government agencies and underwriter as it may deem necessary and applicable, to facilitate investigations on the customer’s portfolio.